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Dedicated to laying a robust foundation for the future, our initiatives, which encompass Youth and Adult Programs, reflect our unwavering commitment. Our goal is to foster and support the comprehensive development of both young minds and individuals.

NPO & small and medium business (SMME) Capacity Building

Implemented in SMME/NPO groups, interventions address multi-dimensional needs aligned with corporate volunteer/outreach programs. Includes accredited skills training and a mentoring component.

Job Readiness / Job Placement

A service provided by Khulisa in assisting companies, government and small businesses to place young people in internships, opportunities for job shadowing and/or school holiday work experience.

Changing Lanes

Elevates essential skills for employment, refining job readiness, fostering strong customer relationships, and instilling workplace etiquette for a comprehensive professional development experience.

Make a differnce.

Create an impact by contributing to our programs and transforming lives through your donation.

Active Citizenship

Involves a mix of different interventions including constitutional awareness, advocacy, governance, human rights, democracy, coalition building, negotiations with local government regarding service delivery and leadership in cooperative organisations

The ‘My Journey

A life skill, job readiness and work value programme which includes training regarding the development of a CV and job interview skills


Positive Parenting

Empowers educators and parents with the necessary skills to manage the challenges that children are facing.