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Devoted to building a solid foundation for the future, our YOUTH AND ADULT PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMMES exemplify our passion. Our commitment shines through a variety of programs crafted to foster and support the holistic development of both young minds and adults.

Dialogue Circles

Dialogue circles between children, teachers, parents, learners and community members to promote an understanding of conflict, promotes peace in multiple settings and tackles challenges in order to address causal factor of conflict and to promote conflict resolution.

Ubuntu Clubs (Rainbow Builders)

Ubuntu clubs are community-based youth clubs that provide common interest groups with a safe, social and recreational environment where they receive a variety of life skills education with a strong element of social entrepreneurship, which leads to the establishment of self-sustaining initiatives.

Silence the Violence

The programme shows how violence is ingrained in our culture and belief systems and is reflected in many of our daily interactions. Participants learn practical ways to minimise violent behaviour (for boys and men)

SHINE Treatment and Prevention Programme

The programme assists trauma survivors to fashion narratives together, through storytelling, that respect the horror of trauma while at the same time opening up areas of change and development.

Second Chances

Focuses on substance abuse disorder/the dependency process; signs and symptoms; impact on the family; relapse prevention.


Provides essential yet basic life skills, ensuring individuals are personally empowered through acquisition of essential skills to deal with everyday situations at home or school.

Positively Cool

Offers healthy alternatives and significant development opportunities for marginalised socially excluded and traumatised young people. Promotes responsible citizenship and role modelling.


Focuses on self-development through reflection and narrative therapy techniques that are aimed at normalising participants’ environments and lives.

Gift of Change

Your gift transforms lives and shapes destinies.