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Khulisa’s Restorative Justice initiative is differentiated from other Restorative Justice programmes in that it provides restorative interventions at all levels of the crime cycle from pre-charge, pre-trial, incarceration and reintegration, and deals with both “minor” offences and serious/violent crimes. 

Victim Offender Mediation (VOM) / Dialogue Programme

Cases of serious violence are handled, generally in custodial situations, also implemented or continued following release. Victims, offenders, families and community members are invited to VOM sessions in order to explore their needs on how to repair the harm

Victim Impact Panels

A mediator/ facilitator convenes group sessions when either a victim or offender is not found or is unwilling to participate in an encounter with the other party. The process is useful for victims to unload bad experiences and for offenders to realise the impact of their actions in a safe environment.

Community Dialogue Circles

A space where community can gather and discuss creating and improving physical and social environments, expanding the community resources that enable people to support each other in performing all the functions of life and developing themselves to their maximum potential.

Justice and Reconciliation Programme (JARP)

A pre-trial diversion from prosecution programme whereby cases deemed appropriate are handed to Khulisa community-based mediators, a neutral third party. When agreements are complied with, the cases are withdrawn.

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