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This program aims to effectively reintegrate offenders into society, helping them reclaim a sense of normalcy in their lives.

My Path

My Path a number of processes that promote behaviour change and skills development through creative writing, journaling and multiple theoretical self-development processes.

Drug Smart

This programme focuses on abuse of legal prescription drugs and alcohol through a peer education methodology.

HIV/Aids Peer Education

Peer educators provide beneficiary groups in community, correctional and school settings with vital knowledge, to equip them to make informed decisions about sexual behaviour and HIV/Aids testing and counselling.

Empower Dreams and Make a differnce.

Your donation fuels the journey to a brighter future.

I’m Coming Out

I’m Coming Out prepares offenders for successful reintegration into the community by reviewing their strengths and weaknesses and anticipating challenges that they will face. Each participant develops a personal action plan on how to prevent relapse, meet the community’s expectations, manage money and search for employment.

Restorative Justice

Khulisa’s Restorative Justice initiative is differentiated from other Restorative Justice programmes in that it provides restorative interventions at all levels of the crime cycle from pre-charge, pre-trial, incarceration and reintegration, and deals with both “minor” offences and serious/violent crimes.
Community members are recruited and trained as mediators/facilitators for all Khulisa’s Restorative Justice Programmes.
Self-help and empowerment programmes are also provided to victims and survivors of crime which assists with the victim’s healing from the effects of crime.