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We are dedicated to establishing a robust foundation for the future, our primary and secondary school programs embody our commitment. These initiatives are crafted to foster holistic development, nurturing young minds with care and support.

Dialogue Circles

Facilitating dialogue circles among children, teachers, parents, learners, and community members fosters conflict understanding, peace promotion, and resolution. This approach addresses conflict causes and promotes harmonious solutions in various settings.

Child Diversion

Empowering children to take accountability for their actions and avoid a criminal record. Through a three-month program, they engage in behavioral change processes, fostering responsibility for the harm caused by their actions.

Storytelling Programme

Our program releases tension, promotes emotional healing, and heightens self-awareness of qualities and strengths, fostering personal growth and well-being. Join us on a journey to discover and nurture the best within yourself.

/Bullying programme

Our program tackles deviant behavior, addressing challenges faced by both bullied children and bullies. It incorporates peer mediation to promote understanding and cultivate a supportive environment. Join us in fostering empathy and resolving conflicts positively.

Silence the Violence

Demonstrates experientially how violence is ingrained in our culture and belief systems and is reflected in many of our daily interactions. Participants learn practical ways to minimise violent behaviour.

People Puppet Programme

Tailored for primary school children, our program imparts knowledge of basic human rights. Interactive sessions encourage emotional expression using puppet making and performing as a projective technique. Join us in educating and empowering young minds.

Dare to Dream

Our program cultivates resilience, guiding participants out of poverty and crime. Based on Michael Ungar’s “social ecology of resilience theory,” we equip individuals with skills to navigate adversities, fostering positive life adjustments. Join us in building a resilient path to a brighter future.


Grounded in evidence of youth development through peer engagement, our program harnesses role modeling’s power. We offer flexibility, meeting the diverse needs of today’s youth. Join us in empowering the next generation through impactful peer connections.

Fueling Progress, One Donation at a Time.

Create an impact by contributing to our programs and transforming lives through your donation.

Social Entrepreneurship in Schools

An initiative that seeks to use creative and interactive means to challenge South African teenagers to get involved in building their communities.

Facing Your Shadow

The programme focuses on developing cognitive messaging to assist offenders to address the causal factors of their behaviour.

Second Chances

Focuses on substance abuse disorder/the dependency process; signs and symptoms; impact on the family; relapse prevention.

Active Citizenship

Utilises diverse strategies: constitutional awareness, advocacy, governance, human rights, democracy, coalition building, negotiations with local government on service delivery, and leadership in cooperative organizations.


A storytelling to myself’ programme, a self-discovery journey to help individuals deal with their personal challenges.


A variety of courses teaching children various aspects of agriculture, perma-culture and urban greening.


Provides essential yet basic life skills, ensuring individuals are personally empowered through acquisition of essential skills to deal with everyday situations at home or school.

School-Based Restorative Justice

Provided by youth workers or trained in-school peer mediators. Conflicts are addressed through mediation, dialogue and storytelling circles.

Your Support, Their Tomorrow.

Be the catalyst for positive change in someone’s life.