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Our COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT programs strive to empower communities by providing insights into building sustainable livelihoods, fostering social inclusivity, and more.

“Make it Better”

MIB is a 12-month process that establishes independent, self-financing groups of social entrepreneurs, focusing on effecting large-scale community change. The programme includes a significant “give back” element.

Communities of

Communities of Opportunity are places where all people, regardless of income, level of education, age, gender, race or sexual orientation, can aspire and thrive in safety, health, economic opportunities and with strong culture of connectedness.


Working with economically and socially excluded/othered community members through interventions targeted at persons with disability, the homeless, former offenders, victims, foreign nationals, persons with learning disabilities and the LGBTQIA+ community.

Change a Life, One Donation at a Time.

Small acts of generosity, big impacts on lives.


Working in geographic eco-systems, we work with the poor and vulnerable.

‘My Journey’

A life skill, job readiness and work value programme which includes training regarding the development of a CV and job interview skills.