Our future growth relies on competitiveness and innovation,

skills and productivity and these, in turn,

rely on the education of our people.

Communities of Opportunity

Entitled the Communities of Opportunity model, Khulisa’s CoO programme advocates for targeted strategic interventions in low-opportunity areas to redevelop critical opportunity structures and services for residents. Khulisa believes that every under-served community has the potential to be a strong and vibrant place of opportunity.


Tackling the issue of homelessness

Social workers provide capacity to asssit victims of LGBTQ+ community 

Over the past five years Khulisa has forged a powerful partnership with ForGood, a company that connects people who want to make a difference to causes that need help.

Founder and Managing Director of Gateways Tracing, Ian Mann, donated 27% of his company to Khulisa Social Solutions

In 2015 Khulisa partnered with the Global Give-back Circle to introduce a gap year for 120 matriculants in the communities of Oseswene, Madadene and Charlestown in the New Castle district.

Since September 2017, funded by the Department of Social Development (DSD) in Gauteng, we have been delivering victim support services on an ever-increasing basis at various police stations.

Khulisa has been actively involved in Kliptown for the past 13 years, supporting community members through mentorship, entrepreneurship development, support groups, skills development and community outreach programmes.

Khulisa is breaking new ground through a project that demonstrates how effectively sport can tackle violence, discrimination and inactivity amongst the youth.

Five years ago PJ joined forces with Khulisa when she committed to bring her voice to the voiceless.

15 years ago, Lydia Sono joined Khulisa as a youth leader in our Make It Better (MIB) programme

Luphisi is a traditional rural village located approximately 40km east of Nelspruit.  The region is characterized by high levels of poverty and HIV/AIDS and limited access to information technology and employment.

For over two decades Khulisa has worked with thousands of beneficiaries who, with the support of mentors from across the globe, have achieved what would normally have been something beyond the reality of their own realms.

The incorporation of the psychometric tests into Khulisa’s initiatives when working with different demographic groups allows for scientific measurement of the growth of individuals whilst directing them effectively towards their future career orientation and development plans.

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As long as poverty and justice and inequality persist, none of us can truly rest. It doesn’t take much to change a life.

Do you have a skill and time available? then join us in building a healthier Sout Africa for all.

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