Career guidance plays a crucial role in helping individuals navigate their career journeys, make informed decisions, and pursue opportunities that align with their interests, values, and goals. It empowers individuals to take ownership of their career development and achieve success and fulfilment in their chosen paths.

Khulisa embarked on a research project in schools and communities at grassroot level to identify issues faced by learners that could be addressed to enhance education and job readiness. The research spanned across six provinces and the voices of over 2 000 children, including those with disabilities and the “most left behind” were heard. Self- assessment of children’s needs found that 90% of the children requested career guidance.

Khulisa in collaboration with youth@WORK and the utilisation of the youthPROFILER’s career guidance module play a crucial role in empowering individuals to navigate the complex world of work, make informed career decisions, and pursue meaningful and fulfilling careers.

Furthermore, significant reductions in youth unemployment can be achieved through the preparation of secondary school learners for life after graduation. Initiating discussions about career options in grades 9 and 10 enables learners to make informed decisions when selecting subjects and motivates them to strive for desired outcomes, such as admission to tertiary
institutions. Effective work readiness training commences well before individuals enter the workforce and encompasses emotional well-being, emphasizing positive attitudes, addressing past traumas, and fostering personal accountability.

The consequences of learners dropping out of school or tertiary education are substantial, resulting in significant financial costs for the country and negatively impacting economic growth. In a nation grappling with high unemployment rates, career guidance services play a crucial role in reducing dropout rates at both school and tertiary levels, improving academic performance and
retention rates, and ultimately equipping more young people to actively participate in the economy beyond their formal education.



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