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Great.com interviews Khulisa Social Solutions About Catalyzing Sustainable Change

Danielle Ribeiro from Great.com interviewed the Khulisa Social Solutions as part of their Great.com Talks With..; podcast.

This series is an antidote to negative news stories that aims to shed light on organizations and experts whose work is making a positive impact on the world.

Khulisa Social Solutions, established in 1997, has evolved into a catalyst organization dedicated to fostering sustainable change within South Africas social landscape. By operating within geographic ecosystems and employing a multi-stakeholder, inter-sectoral approach, Khulisa endeavours to effect widescale transformation that endures over time. Our methodology transcends conventional intervention models by addressing social issues at their roots. By engaging diverse stakeholders, including government agencies, communities, and corporate partners, Khulisa amplifies its impact and ensures that its initiatives resonate across various sectors.

Today Leslie Ann van Selm, Founder and Managing Director of Khulisa Social Solutions, talked with Great.com about our role as a catalyzer of sustainable change.
Khulisa’s innovative multi-stakeholder approach ensures that interventions are holistic, addressing not only the immediate challenges but also the systemic factors contributing to social issues. By forging partnerships and alliances, Khulisa maximizes its impact, creating a network of support that extends beyond the organization itself.

The inter-sectoral approach we adopted is a key driver of its success. Recognizing that social issues are interconnected and often stem from a combination of factors, the organization implements interventions that span various sectors. Whether’s youth development, crime prevention, or community rehabilitation, our programs are designed to create a ripple effect, influencing positive change across different facets of society.

Our focus on geographic ecosystems amplifies the potential for sustainable widescale change. By understanding the unique challenges and opportunities within specific regions, the organization tailors its interventions to address the root causes of social issues effectively. This localized, context-aware approach ensures that Khulisa’s efforts resonate with the communities it serves, fostering a sense of ownership and empowerment among the individuals affected. In a society that often grapples with layers of complex challenges, we stand as a testament to the ripple effect that even the smallest act of kindness, mentorship, and support can create.

Through the avenues of youth development, restorative justice, and mental health, Khulisa has become an advocate for the voiceless, a guide for the troubled, and a friend to those in need.
Recognizing the power of synergy, Khulisa actively seeks to join forces with other like-minded
organizations, governmental agencies, and community groups. These collaborations allow for pooling of resources, sharing of expertise, and an expanded reach, ensuring that the interventions are not
only comprehensive but also targeted effectively. Through such alliances, we can spearhead innovative programs that are enriched by the diverse perspectives and strengths each partner brings to the table. Whether it’s co-creating community-based projects or participating in cross-sector forums, Khulisa’s collaborative engagements are integral to our mission and enhance our capacity to enact lasting social change.

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About us

Khulisa Social Solutions is a non-profit company that helps vulnerable children, youth, and communities unlock their potential and develop skills toward a sustainable future. 

It operates nationally, employs approximately 200 staff through 19 offices, and works in approximately 150 communities in collaboration with 350 NGO partners, impacting the lives of close to 200,000 people per annum.

Khulisa partners with national and local government departments, schools, correctional facilities, community leaders, corporates, thought leaders, academic institutions, and private companies. Khulisa’s internationally acclaimed and locally rewarded best practice programmes deliver positive and measurable impact with the main focus on youth and community development.

For more information, contact

Lesley Ann Van Selm | 082 601 2299 | lesleyann@khulisa.org.za  | media@khulisa.org.za