Credo Mutwa

Ngonyama, lion, lord of the forests!
Creature that puzzled our forefathers,
who did not know what to make of you!
And they called you ngonyama, the creature with two fleshes
They called you ngonyama, the creature of two shapes
They said that your tail was that of the bull of the skies,
of the bull of heaven
They said that your mane was that of the
great baboon of the wilds
And they say that your head was nobler
than that of the ingwe, the leopard
They said you were three animals in one.
like God Omnipotent on high!
Ngonyama, symbol of the kings of the Zulu people!
Ngonyama, thunder of the valley
You, whose roar frightens the dreams,
Out of the heads of sleeping warriors!
Ngonyama, you whose footprint is never
erased by the passing winds
Ngonyama, where your roar is heard, there is life to be found
Ngonyama, where you are smelt, there is no evil
And where you are heard, there is no ill,
And where you are seen, there is no fear!
Ngonyama, long may you walk the plains of this land

About us

Khulisa Social Solutions is a non-profit company that helps vulnerable children, youth, and communities unlock their potential and develop skills toward a sustainable future.  It operates nationally, employs over 180 staff through 18 offices, and works in approximately 150 communities in collaboration with 350 NGO partners, impacting the lives of close to 200,000 people per annum. Khulisa partners with national and local government departments, schools, correctional facilities, community leaders, corporates, thought leaders, academic institutions, and private companies.

Khulisa’s internationally
acclaimed and locally rewarded best practice programmes deliver positive and measurable impact with the main focus on youth and community development.

Through their work towards peacebuilding and restorative justice, Khulisa has been recognised locally and internationally. Within the past year, Khulisa has been awarded the Best Social Solutions Not-for Profit 2023 at this years Global Excellence Awards.

Founder and managing director, Lesley Ann van Selm was also awarded CEO Today Africa Award for her leadership in the peacebuilding and restorative justice space.

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