THE DOLPHIN (The Redeemer)

Credo Mutwa

Ingwe mabala
Oh great spotted cat of the high mountains of our country
Oh protector of the human race
And defender of the just
Oh leopard, joy of our kings
Revered and loved by great ones
Such as Shaka
Such as Dingiswayo
Such as Punga
And Mageba
Who told their sons and the
sons of their sons,
And the sons of their sons,
Always to respect the leopard
And to wear his skin with honour
You are the shield that guard our
mothers fields against the hairy
sons of the baboon
Where you cough, the baboons do not shout
Where you snarl, all the hairy ones must flee
For you are the devourers of the ape
You delight in sucking the marrow of
the imfene, the baboon
And all the animals are afraid of you
You ate the one who sits upon the
tree and challenges the gods
You are the thunderstorm of fire
You are the whirlwind
You are the hailstorm
You are the cold mountain air
You are the ingwe, protector of warriors
You are the ingwe, joy of our kings
You are the ingwe, totem of our sangomas
You are the ingwe, symbol of our nation
When the time comes for me to visit
the grey ones of Kokonjame
When the time comes for me to go down
into the dark womb of the Earth
Never to come back as a human being again

I pray to the grey gods that live
under the earth to grand me this
That I return to this Earth as an Ingwe,
Protector of the nation
The leopard, master of all the apes.

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Khulisa’s internationally
acclaimed and locally rewarded best practice programmes deliver positive and measurable impact with the main focus on youth and community development.

Through their work towards peacebuilding and restorative justice, Khulisa has been recognised locally and internationally. Within the past year, Khulisa has been awarded the Best Social Solutions Not-for Profit 2023 at this years Global Excellence Awards.

Founder and managing director, Lesley Ann van Selm was also awarded CEO Today Africa Award for her leadership in the peacebuilding and restorative justice space.

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