Khulisa celebrate Heritage Day with dialogues from Credo Mutwa

Credo Mutwa

In celebration of Heritage Month, Khulisa Social Solutions is honouring renowned South African author, traditional healer and spiritual leader, Credo Mutwa, by sharing a number of his original praise songs on social media and our website during the week leading up to Heritage Day. His visionary
approach towards utilizing storytelling as a powerful tool for social change laid the foundation for Khulisa’s mission to transform lives and communities in South Africa.

Today, Khulisa continues to use his songs and stories in many peace-building dialogue circles to guide participants in finding shared values and interest in our country’s rich heritage. “Khulisa’s storytelling program was co-founded by Credo Mutwa and has empowered countless individuals by providing them with a platform to express their experiences, emotions, and aspirations through the art of storytelling,” says Lesley Ann van Selm, managing director of Khulisa.

“Through this program, Khulisa has been able to facilitate healing, promote dialogue, and foster community cohesion in diverse and historically marginalized communities.” “I have seen you play, oh whale, upon the waves of the sea I have heard your mournful song directed at the gods of long ago Your cornfield is the waves and your village is the eternal sea I have seen the waving of your great tail as you dive beneath the waves only to rise and surface again. You are the untiring player who plays to delight the gods, the gods that of old Africa You are the one who knows all” – extract from Praise Song to the Whale from the book Isillwane the Animal.

“Mutwa’s deep understanding of African spirituality and his commitment to empowering marginalized communities made him an invaluable asset to Khulisa’s mission,” says van Selm. “Through his collaboration with Khulisa, Mutwa aimed to promote healing, reconciliation, and social transformation
in South Africa. His vast knowledge of African mythology, history, and healing practices enriched Khulisa’s programs, ensuring they were culturally sensitive and effective.”

Recognizing the significance of Heritage Month, Khulisa Social Solutions endeavours to celebrate Credo Mutwa’s remarkable legacy and tireless efforts in preserving and promoting South Africa’s rich cultural heritage. His profound understanding of the importance of storytelling as a means of connecting communities and preserving history has been a driving force behind Khulisa’s success.

Khulisa Social Solutions invites the public to join us in honouring Credo Mutwa’s legacy by visiting our social media platform to read un-released stories from Credo.

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