In a breakthrough development to help build capacity amongst NGOs, learning, and skills development have now been placed within the sector’s immediate reach.  Covid-19 induced lockdown and subsequent economic effects have resulted in a difficult operating climate for South African NGOs; however, the problems that NGOs seek to address have not ceased. Instead, they have been exacerbated by the recent events including the pandemic, and there is now a growing need for new models of engagement between communities, NGOs, and society at large. 

 Through a partnership with Khulisa and SpecCon Holdings a cutting-edge platform has been created to provide affordable and accessible learning NGOs, CBOs, and individuals nationwide, to catapult them into an era where e-learning has become the primary platform for skills development. 

Founder and Managing Director of Khulisa, Lesley Ann van Selm says, “Through engaging with hundreds of partner NGOs across the country, it is evident that through access enhanced learning, the partnership with SpecCon Holdings will combat the critical shortage of necessary skills, enhance career development, facilitate improved service delivery, standardise knowledge transfer and promote collaboration within our currently divided sector”.

This partnership comes at an opportune time as Khulisa is leading The Alex Programme – a peace-making and social cohesion initiative – which aims to capacitate individuals, the community, local government, and NGOs with skills to roll out peace-building and social cohesion activities in the community and surrounding areas. The programme serves to equip and empower people with actionable knowledge about social cohesion, peace-making, restoration, and active citizenship. In addition, there is an in-depth practical entrepreneurship component that promotes job creation, employment, and innovation. 

That said, the partnership between Khulisa and SpecCon Holdings will lead to the rollout of the courses listed below to over 2500 NGOs.

 Short courses on offer, with access to connectivity, including for example:

  • Computer courses
  • Leaderships courses including innovation
  • Knowledge Management Leadership
  • Performance Management
  • Project Planning
  • Team Building
  • Personal Development
  • Stress Management
  • Time Management

 To register for a free course, follow this link:

Khulisa Social Solutions and SpecCon Holdings encourage all interested parties to seize this opportunity and garner the new skills on offer, the investment in knowledge always pays the best interest and the time to learn is now! 

About Khulisa Social Solutions

Khulisa Social Solutions is a Non-Profit Company (057-405-NPO) established in 1997 in response to violence and criminal activity robbing youth and communities of an opportunity to live their best lives. Khulisa has 33 offices across South Africa and employs 290 staff working in at least 200 of the hardest to reach areas around the country. In 2021 alone, Khulisa reached almost half a million vulnerable youth through multiple programmes. For more information about Khulisa, please go to

About SpecCon Holdings

At SpecCon Holdings we endeavor to create a community that is focused on skills development and makes online learning affordable and accessible to all.  We strive to lead companies into an era where eLearning becomes the primary platform for upskilling employees. From its humble beginnings, SpecCon developed into a formidable learnership and training provider as well as a first-class e-Learning platform development force. Today, we are leaders in online training with the first MICT SETA accredited e-Learning platform in South Africa. Our product range has grown exponentially over the years, culminating in a one-stop shop for your learning and development requirements.  Our values drive us to continuously seek innovative solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients. To read more about SpecCon Holdings, go to

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