Return on Investment (ROI) a key performance indicator as used by business to measure financial efficiency

In partnership with Tano AI, a branding and digital media organisation supported by a qualified and
innovative team of engineers, statisticians and data scientists, Khulisa is in the process of developing
a cutting-edge technology-driven framework for measuring social impact and social ROI. In terms of
measuring social impact, Tano AI has constructed a methodology that assesses multiple spectrums of
the development of any particular project/development and aims to provide overall impact feedback.
This is achieved by assessing individual/personal indicators such as basic needs, self-sufficiency, quality
of life, physical, social physiology, education and training, aspiration of family life etc. together with
environmental economic and societal impact – education and training, energy, water, agriculture, justice,
sustainability etc.
The framework allows for the assessment of individuals and single elements in the development. In terms
of measuring social return on investment, Tano AI is making use of a development methodology in this
field looking to harness its ability to measure return on investment.
Several steps in the methodology have already been designed and will be tested in six communities
in the Northern Cape, North West, Limpopo, KZN, Mpumalanga and Gauteng where desktop research is
already underway in order to provide relevant baseline data.

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