Over the past 16 years Khulisa has pioneered cutting edge interventions relevant to various facets of restorative justice within the criminal justice system, schools, communities and families. The most powerful tool of all is that of dialogue circles, which provide space where deeper connections within communities can happen – where conflicts become opportunities for building healthy relationships.

Based on research conducted throughout South Africa this year, over 1,500 children expressed a dire need to participate in dialogue circles, for their voices to be heard, to exchange points of view and learn through storytelling. Appropriately facilitated, Circles come alive to address pain, offer healing and life transformation.

Circles, given a safe space, allow the rediscovery of our core values, which uncovers our deep-seated desire to be positively connected. Through the dialogue circles conducted in the Meriting area learners have been able to create a sense of community through sharing their stories, acknowledging the harm they may have caused to others, sharing their mutual pain and suffering and have come to terms with factors that cause violent behavior.

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