Khulisa UK (KUK) Update

KUK was established in 1997, which was at the time the Managing Director
met Lisa Rowles, who had expressed interest in Khulisa’s storytelling
methodology. Two years later, she was employed to coordinate key
activities of the organisation subsequent to KUK having secured their first
funding contract. After 13 years, she is now moving on. Below follows
the communication received from Lisa highlighting her significant
achievements through her employment:

Dear Les
I have news to share. After 13 years with Khulisa, I’m leaving the organisation, to go live in Southern Ireland
and have a new adventure!
I will leave in Jul, though I’ll continue as an associate through the autumn, where needed,
to ensure a smooth transition for the team; as they find someone to lead on design.
There’s a slight restructure to ensure that we empower existing members of the team,
and ensure that we are even more evidence and impact led going forward.
In adolescent terms, 13 is a critical year, when we start to reduce our reliance on our
parental figures and stretch out to peers and pastures new. So it seems fitting for me and the team that I
hand the baton over now. It’s not a decision I’ve taken lightly, as you might imagine, but the timing is right.
I’ve had an incredible time helping to build this organisation to the powerhouse of a UK social justice charity
that we have now. I’ve always had clear dreams and vision for where I wanted to help take it.

At this point, we’re pretty much where I’d hoped we’d be:
– Going from strength to strength with our funding, client partnerships, sector voice and
strategic aims
– Planning to broaden our systemic reach to total community/total family focus, with
collaboration from core values-aligned partners to support and achieve truly trauma- informed
– Capable of overcoming significant challenge (i.e. pandemic) and emerging stronger, more focused
and tighter, more nurturing/restorative as a team
– Recruiting highly talented new people – so many new and awesome folks 🙂
– Seeing the frameworks (methodology, design) I’ve initiated start to really go places in the
hands of others – our Whole School Approach (WSA) is being grasped and shaped to go
forward, which is so gratifying to witness
There have been various times in the past few years when I knew that I’ve almost done what I can with my
skillset for the organisation, and now I feel that – whilst I can continue to support from the side-lines and do
some discreet project work to ensure a smooth transition post 1st Aug – the legacy I wanted to leave behind
is pretty much there.

I’m especially proud of the Monument book that Iman and I curated; how the methodology,
our programmes and values are standing the test of time; how successful the professionals
training is becoming; how the WSA is taking shape from my original idea and pilot;
and how I’ve watched (and in some cases supported) so many of my colleagues, who have grown over the
past few years. I’m also incredibly smug that we finally appear to have the
opportunity for training with the police, which has been around 2 years of coaxing and
cajoling with various contacts.

Khulisa will always be part of who I am, and I’m immensely proud and honoured to have
been a part of our growth here in the UK and to have had the opportunity that you gave
me 13 years ago to do this.

Thank you Les, for believing in me and empowering me to do this.
You have inspired so many over the years to do so much. You’re just an amazing human being! 🙂
Love and friendship always to you, Graham and the Khulisa Team

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