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In the majority of our engagements, Khulisa received an observed call that there are plenty of organisations that require development. So that they can resolve conflict and address violence and crime before they escalate and result in horrendous incidences.
Leading up to International Restorative Justice Week, we at Khulisa caught up on the points of view of our MD Lesley Ann van Selm, Carl Stauffer and Mike Batley from the Restorative Justice Centre and fellow speakers taking part in the Restorative Justice Webinar. Hosted by the University of KwaZulu-Natal on the 23rd of November 2021) in association with Khulisa Social Solutions and the Restorative Justice Centre
This year International Restorative Justice Week is observed from the 21st till the 28th of November 2021, under the theme “Protect and Empower the Person Harmed”. In order to protect and empower through Restorative Justice, we must know a little about it.
Youth violence is deeply normalised in South Africa and is fundamentally influenced by the high levels of violence throughout South African society at large. As a result, the line between victim and perpetrator is often difficult to determine because so many young perpetrators have also been victims of severe…
Over the past 16 years Khulisa has pioneered cutting edge interventions relevant to various facets of restorative justice within the criminal justice system, schools, communities and families.
Naledi (22) is one of our divertee graduates who was referred to the programme when he was a student at Nkobong High school in Kraalhoek in 2019. We spoke to him about the circumstances that led to his referral, his experiences with the programme and how it has shaped his life ever since.
Khulisa, in partnership with Careers Building Blocks, an organisation that specialises in developing and conducting psychometric tests.
Khulisa’s Communities of Opportunity (CoO) programme is a research-based model used to create the types of communities we all want to live in.
Khulisa Social Solutions, in collaboration with NOUS Counselling and Art Therapy, embarked on an intensive training programme for social workers and social auxiliary workers to assist clients from the LGBTQI+ community that are increasingly seeking out Khulisa for support.
In partnership with Tano AI, a branding and digital media organisation supported by a qualified and innovative team of engineers, statisticians and data scientists, Khulisa is in the process of developing a cutting-edge technology-driven framework for measuring social impact and social ROI.
KUK was established in 1997, which was at the time the Managing Director met Lisa Rowles, who had expressed interest in Khulisa’s storytelling methodology. Two years later, she was employed to coordinate key activities of the organisation subsequent to KUK having secured their first funding contract.
The Khulisa Workplace Rejuvenation competition, launched in July 2021, aimed to identify areas in existing Khulisa office environments that could be upgraded with minimal effort.

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