Khulisa Social Solutions (KSS) is a multi-award winning, Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) registered in 1997. Its aim is to empower vulnerable children, youth, those who are marginalized, and the community at large to unlock their full potential in order to develop resilient pathways and skills that lead to a sustainable future. We operate nationally, employ over 180 staff through 16 offices, and work in approximately 150 communities in collaboration with 350 NGO partners, impacting on the lives of close to 100,000 people per annum.

Khulisa’s initial focus was to implement South Africa’s first official rehabilitation programme, targeted  at young offenders.  We then expanded our activities, primarily through peace-making and restorative approaches, to holistic community development tackling a wide range of issues countering social and economic inclusion.

Today Khulisa, a catalyst organisation, works systemically in geographic eco systems, in order to effecting sustainable widescale change through a multi stakeholder and inter-sectoral approach.

This bespoke methodology, developed over the past 5 years, has now been coined as our “Communities of Opportunity” (CoO) programme, which is currently running in six provinces throughout South Africa.  “Communities of Opportunity” are places where all people, regardless of income, level of education, age, gender, race, ethnicity or sexual orientation, can aspire and thrive in safety, health, economic opportunities and with a strong culture of connectedness and self-empowerment.


Khulisa recognises that the typical approaches of government and NGOs compartmentalise problems and deliver programmes which tend to address single issues in a non-operative and unsustainable manner. In response Khulisa has developed an approach which addresses the challenges faced by communities in a holistic and comprehensive manner by adopting an integrated approach to community development. The organisation’s purpose is to utilise this methodology to deliver a strength of community cohesion to communities and to aid there development

The model identifies the systemic challenges in society and communities, attaches value to intrinsic community assets and indigenous knowledge, and explores and maps opportunities to overcome fragmentation of policy, systems and service delivery through the supported mobilisation of local capacity. Based on this understanding, Khulisa works collaboratively with multiple stakeholders to identify key projects that would have the highest impact in ‘the system’ to effect sustainable social change.


A safer, healthier and more
prosperous South Africa,
where all people, especially
youth, have access to the
information, skills and
opportunities they need to
contribute to equitable local
and national development.


To address social
vulnerabilities and inequalities
by providing support and
developmental know-how,
through key partnerships for
initiatives at a community
level that quantifiably
demonstrate social impact.


Khulisa commits to its
stakeholders, partners and
beneficiaries that it adheres to
good corporate governance
principles and ensures that
It maintains its reputational
capital by always placing
those who we support first.


All governance matters are aimed to be King IV compliant with all employees adhering to these


by restoring empathy,
self-belief and selfworth


by enabling
confidence, aspiration
and ownership


by believing that all
people can grow


by enabling people
to have an equal
voice and building

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